Seals Television Networks Company, also known as Sealsco, is a nationally recognized media holdings company, and a producer, owner, and distributor of television programming and multimedia entertainment content. Sealsco- associated companies include current and soon-to-be-launched national broadcast television networks TUFF TV, Flicks TV, MotoWorld Network, Wilde TV, TUFF Gals, United Wrestling Network, Weed the People TV, Go Channel, ROCKY DOG TV, and Dad's Garage Television. Since the company's inception, it has been an industry leader.  With a track record of combining youth with experience for over three decades, Sealsco has built a recipe for innovation and success while maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit.  ​​



​Sealsco encompasses corporate divisions with businesses in television, filmed entertainment, and multimedia content dedicated to delivering its brands worldwide through multiple distribution outlets.  In simple terms, Sealsco delivers "eyeballs and advertisers" across multiple media platforms. Company operating divisions include Distribution, Marketing, Production, and Development. Sealsco invests its resources and capital to build world class brands across all sectors of media and entertainment.  The company divisions are designed to encompass all aspects of media and entertainment, including the distribution and sales of programming content across multiple platforms both domestically and worldwide.​​